The therapists at Hand in Hand Rehabilitation possess advanced clinical knowledge and skill in the treatment of a wide variety of Hand and Upper Quadrant diagnoses.  Common diagnoses managed and treated non-operatively, post-operatively or preventively may include:

  1. Fractures/Dislocations of the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand

  2. Wounds/Lacerations, including tendon and nerve injuries, amputations and burns

  3. Nerve Compression Syndromes: Carpal Tunnel, Radial Tunnel, Cubital Tunnel

  4. Repetitive Strain Injuries

  5. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

  6. Ligamentous Injuries, including sprains, tears and reconstructions

  7. Tendinitis/Tenosynovitis, including trigger fingers, DeQuervain’s, golf and tennis elbow

  8. Ganglion Cysts

  9. Arthritis/Joint Replacements

  10. Athletic Injuries, Performance Arts Injuries

  11. Shoulder Impingement, Replacements, and Rotator Cuff Repairs

  12. Neurological including Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, and Stroke


  1. Individualized Evaluation of Range of Motion, Edema, Sensation, Strength, Function, and Coordination

  2. Static and Dynamic Custom Splinting

  3. Wound Care and Scar Management

  4. Management of Acute or Chronic Pain

  5. Sensory Mapping, Desensitization, and Re-education

  6. Manual Therapy Techniques

  7. Upper Extremity Conditioning and Work Hardening

  8. Work Simulation and Pre-Vocational activities

  9. Edema Reduction/ Manual Edema Mobilization

  10. State-of-the-art Modalities

  11. Arthritis Management Programs/Joint Protection Training

  12. Training in the performance of Daily Life Skills through adaptive techniques and equipment

  13. Ergonomic Assessment and Education

  14. Patient Training and Education to reduce recurrence of Repetitive Injuries

  15. Individualized Home Exercise Programs

  16. Discharge Planning



  1. Hand Evaluation & Therapy

  2. Upper Extremity Evaluation & Therapy

  3. Custom Static & Dynamic Splinting

  4. Activities of Daily Living Evaluations

  5. Equipment Prescription & Training

  6. Thermal & Electrical Modalities

  7. Ergonomic Consultations

  8. Manual Therapy Techniques

  9. Cumulative Trauma Prevention

  10. Burn Rehabilitation

  11. Manual Edema Mobilization

  12. Wound Care

  13. Scar Management

  14. Individualized Home Exercise Programs


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