4 Ways To Protect Yourself When Clearing Snow

occupational therapy for snow accidents Feb26th 2021

It’s been quite the winter already, and with all of the snowfall and accumulation, but places to be…you may want to reach for your snowblower to get the job done quicker. Anytime we are out and about, it’s always good to be mindful of the potential risks that could happen, so we can protect ourselves!

Did you know….Wet, heavy snow or accumulated snow may cause your snowblower to clog.

Here are 4 Tips on protecting your hands and upper extremities when using a snowblower this season!

  • Do not use your hands to unclog; amputations of fingers and hands may occur.
  • If the chute or blades become clogged, do not attempt to unclog when the machine is running.
  • Turn off the machine, disengage the clutch and wait 10 seconds after shutting it off to allow the impeller blades to stop rotating.
  • Always use a stick or broom handle to clear impacted snow Here’s what we propose:
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