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Don't Suffer From Arthritis Pain Any Longer Aug5th 2020

Don’t Suffer From Arthritis Pain Any Longer – Find Relief With Occupational and Hand Therapy

Millions of individuals struggle with arthritis pain and stiffness. Many arthritis sufferers follow several steps each day just to relieve their relieve stiff and achy joints. Occupational and hand therapy can be part of an effective plan to ease your pain while also remaining active. Contact Hand In Hand Rehabilitation today to find out how

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Nutrition Jun5th 2020

Nutrition: The Quick and Easy Way to Reduce Your Pain and Inflammation

If you are dealing with chronic pain or inflammation in your life, proper nutrition can play a key role in helping you find relief. Diet is an important part of any occupational therapy regimen because eating the right foods can help your body recover from many different conditions. Eating right, paired with reduced stress and

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Arthritic Aches and Pains May10th 2020

The Natural Way to Treat Your Arthritic Aches and Pains

Arthritis is a painful condition that can leave someone feeling limited and lonely in their journey. Many arthritis sufferers turn to antirheumatic drugs, steroid injections, or joint replacement surgery, in order to cope with pain. However, for many patients, occupational therapy, hand therapy, and other similar natural treatments have been proven to present better solutions.

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